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make up 4 Christmas's party ( 8 Dec 2006)  

Monday, December 11, 2006

Last friday, I went to Radius Hotel KL to make up my "jongket" fwen 4 their Christmas party...hehehheh.. I arrived around 6 n straight go to her room..Then, im started decorating her face =) ...Take a look Ely's pics be4 n after....

~Ely before make up~
After bout 1 hr..dis is Ely with her new look!!She look gorgoeus isn't?
Nie close up Ely' eyes...

Thanks to Ely aka Miss Clueless for inviting me to b her make up artist on dat day..At least I learnt sumthin new...n of coz I really luv this eye shadow ~ wif combination of 3 colours ..adios!!
Location: KL
Make-up Artist: Izza cactus(012=2967297)

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make up owh make up  

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Recently, me yanie n farah went to Melaka for FARAH's wedding...then I decided to be their "mak andam" on dat day..heheheh...but they hv 2 wake up early morning..coz we will leaving PD around 10 plus...My first model is FARA..thanx to her coz x banyak songeh..hahahha..senang nak make up n summore she doesn't hv any skin problem..=p

~nie gambar fara before make up~

~ nie laks gambar fara after make up ~

pose manja fr fara..siap set rambut tuh..hahahha =p

close up mata fara with green eyeshadow!!

Make-up Artist: Izza cactus (012-2967297)

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